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Mehmet Mahir ATASOY MD,

Associate Professor in Interventional Radiology

Mehmet Mahir Atasoy, born in 1978, completed is primary and middle school education in Istanbul. He finished Cerrahpaşa medical school in English in 2011 at Istanbul University.  

Between the years of 2002-2006, he specialised in Radiology at the Maltepe University School of Medicine. He found the opportunity to work alongside Prof. Dr. Levent Çelik, one of Turkey’s most renowned breast radiologists at the Maltepe University Department of Radiology. For his dissertation he analysed the topic of ‘MRI As A Management Method For Patients With Breast Cancer’.

He worked as a Breast Radiologist at the Turkey Breast Foundation for two years. He still continues to carry out social responsibility work for the Turkey Breast Foundation by sitting on the board.

He completed his military service at Diyarbakır Soldier Hospital.

After military service, he worked as a radiology expert at Dr. Siyami Ersek Hospital for two years; here he gained experience in interventional radiology, angiography and stent implementations.

From 2011 onwards, Dr. Mehmet Mahir Atasoy has been working as a lecturer at Maltepe University Medical Faculty, in the Breast Radiology and Interventional Radiology Department; in 2016 Mart he received status as associate professor.

His work has focused on diseases that previously had required surgery for therapy, but that no longer do so. The main topics that modern systems can be applied for treatments are; Varicose Vein Treatment, Breast Fibroadenom Treatment, Thyroid Nodules Treatment and some therapies of Oncology, especially liver cancer.

Dr. Mehmet Mahir Atasoy is one of the world’s leading academics regarding the issue of treating varicose veins without surgery; since 2011 he has been able to successfully treat over 2000 patients. He published is work in JVIR, one of the most important journals regarding interventional radiology, showing for the first time that veins larger than 15mm could be treated with lasers. In addition, he proved that swollen and big varicose veins can be treated without surgery because of his FAFS technique that he developed.

Furthermore, in the Breast Radiology Department, he helps patients with early diagnosis of cancer because of advanced imaging technology, breast biopsies and treatment of benign breast lumps without surgery.  Dr. Atasoy works with a multidisciplinary team as a radiologist; and as part of this team that provides several new ways of treatment and diagnosis, they have presented the first series of HIFU treatment for breast lumps in Turkey.

In the Department of Interventional Oncology at Maltepe University, he implements the most advanced treatments of modern medicine such as TACE, RF Ablation and Microwave Ablation. Other than his position at university he helps with the diagnosis and treatment of patients at Istanbul Oncology Hospital.

Dr. Atasoy has published articles in over 25 International medical journals and has been invited to several conferences to speak. Other than his scientific awards he has a patented vacuum biopsy needle.

To help his patients further, Dr. Mehmet Mahir Atasoy has also trained in preventive medicine, functional medicine and integrative medicine alongside his academic career in modern medicine. He believes that most illnesses can be prevented with a healthy spirit, healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.

He has also been trained in Clinical Phytotherapy in 2017 alongside his integrative medicine training, which has been certified by the Health Ministry of Turkey. He took part in functional training at the Cleveland Clinic’s The Institute For Functional Medicine(IFM).

For social responsibility projects he has given many Preventive Medicine Seminars at several organisations since 2010. He also continues to educate faculty of medicine students and colleagues regarding the effects of healthy eating and lifestyle on illnesses. As a firm believer of healthy spirit, healthy diet and lifestyle in preventing disease, he is also a founding member and chairman of PAFMA, The Preventative and Functional Medicine Association, founded in 2017.

Dr. Mehmet Mahir Atasoy provides ‘Functional Medicine’ support and advice to those at the Interventional Radiology department of Maltepe University Medicine Faculty who do not want to have surgery.  Moreover, he sees patients at Istanbul Oncology Hospital who want to reach healthy states of being or be free of medical prescriptions and drugs and take control of their health before it is damaged.

Dr. Atasoy founded The School of Functional Medicine in 2018 that aims to educate everybody, especially doctors, who aim to contribute towards human health in Functional Medicine, which Dr. Atasoy regards as ‘The Personalised Medicine of The Future’.

Dr. Atasoy believes that dietary supplements must be used in this day and age as the foods we consume are not that healthy and do not have a rich amount of vitamins/minerals; for this reason he also owns a company with a brand name called ‘REFERANS’ that creates high quality and effective dietary supplements.

Dr. Mehmet Mahir Atasoy is married to Dr. Işıl Atasoy who is a cardiology and internal medicine expert and has two wonderful children.

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