Post-treatment Considerations


For the first 20 days after the procedure;

  1. You may feel mild pain in the first night or the next day. Supply and start using the pain killer that is prescribed. We recommend you to use pain killers especially in the first three days.
  2. It is very important to wear medium grade compression socks (as advised by your physicians) in the first 20 days (it should be continuously worn, excluding sleep and shower, and it should be worn in the bed even before getting out of the bed in the morning).
  3.  If you have a bandage in your leg, you can unwrap it before going to sleep or in case of discomfort. If you have no bandage, you can go to sleep without undressing the compression socks (optional).
  4. You can take a shower before going to sleep on the next day. Avoid exposing hot water to the treated zone while you are taking a shower.
  5. It is very important to walk for 1 hour every day (with sports shoes or comfortable shoes).
  6. You should not expose the treatment zone to sun or heat.
  7. When the procedure is successfully performed, the occluded vessel stiffens and is resorbed by the body and finally, it disappears within several months. At this interval, you can feel stiffness and tension at the location of the occluded vessel, but they are transient in nature.
  8. Brown discolorations or small slightly painful lumps are possible symptoms you may face during the recovery period. Do not worry. They are all transient symptoms.
  9. You should not stay in bed for long times or not get heavily tired in the first several days. If you ignore recommendations, your foot or leg may swell. If you recognize swelling, elevate your legs and increase duration of resting periods. You should strictly wear compression socks in bed before you get out of bed. Do not neglect walking and take pain killers that are prescribed. Swelling may persist despite all countermeasures; do not worry. However, if swelling that lasts longer than 3 days is accompanied by severe pain and redness although you follow all recommendations, see your doctor.

It is very important to follow all recommendations in first 20 days (especially avoiding standing for long times, walking and wearing compression socks) in order to prevent complications (swelling, scar formation, recurrence or late healing) that may develop after the procedure.

Moreover, Doppler ultrasound at Month 1 and Month 6 should not be neglected.

You can call us for your complaints that are not mentioned above. Get well soon!