Conventional Treatment

Vessels that result in formation of large varicose veins have been treated with operative methods approximately for 100 years. Surgical treatment is comprised of ligation and stripping.

Surgical operation has not been preferred by both patients and doctors, excluding absolute indications, since it requires induction of general anesthesia, leads to clot formation in veins and nerve injuries in rates up to 5%, recurs approximately in half of the patients and engagement with routine daily life activities needs time. Patients were afraid of the surgery due to the negative impressions of others who have undergone the surgery and preferred wearing compression sock for the life time and use medications that were not curative, but provided some alleviation in some patients. Recently, surgeons largely prefer non-operative treatment modalities due to all reasons mentioned above. However, there are scarce surgeons, who can make detailed Doppler test and personally diagnose the damaged vessels.